Staff Spotlight: Elliot Byrd

Elliot Byrd Skydive Midwest

Perhaps one of the most accomplished skydivers to call SDMW home is Mr. Elliot Byrd. You might know him from the absolutely incredible photos he takes as Byrd’s Eye Studio. For him, the end product of every project is more than just a memento for the memory book, it’s about capturing an experience in which people are genuinely having a good time and sharing that energy with the world.

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Staff Spotlight: Ben Statler

Ben Statler Skydive Midwest

Statler was voted the staff member with the best attitude by the staff and fun jumper community for our 2022 season. This guy always shows up with a smile on his face and spreads his positivity around. He’s also the guy who keeps us entertained on weather days. From backflips to wheelchair tricks, he’s always up to something and making us laugh.

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Staff Spotlight: Kristin Beasley

Kristin Beasley Skydive Midwest

Bees is the owner of The 14K Kitchen and we LOVE that we no longer have to pack a lunch to stay fed on the drop zone. We love her sense of humor; she can take a joke just as well as she can dish them out. She’s tough, hardworking, creative and determined. She’s so incredible, in fact, we have a whole ‘nother blog on Bees and The 14K Kitchen.

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Staff Spotlight: Austin Lankford

Austin Lankford Skydive Midwest

This guy genuinely cares about the work he does. He takes his job(s) seriously and works incredibly hard to be the best at everything he does, and it really shows. We also love that he’s a dog lover. He can often be found snuggling with the nearest dog at the drop zone.

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Staff Spotlight: Garet Bloodworth

Garet Bloodworth Skydive Midwest

Garet is one of those annoying people who is naturally talented at everything he does. What we really love about him though, is his drive to continue learning new things. Garet is a chronic goal-crusher. He is also an incredible teacher who shares his wealth of knowledge with others by offering expert coaching and organizing at SDMW.

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Staff Spotlight: Travis Mickle

We love Travis’s chill vibes. He’s very go-with-the-flow and always keeps a cool head under pressure. We love his passion for tacos. This guy does a Venmo fundraiser on his birthday to get taco money. Travis is also one of the top wingsuiters and wingsuit coaches in the country. He has all the skills and is an excellent teacher in his area of expertise. He has been working in the skydiving industry for 22 years and has collected an insane amount of experience and knowledge in a variety of areas during that time

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Megan George

Skydiving Vs Indoor Skydiving

Name: Megan George Total Jumps: 3000+ Years in Skydiving: 12 Certifications: AFF Instructor, Coach, 4-Way Coach Primary Dropzone Function: Drop Zone Owner, Sponsored Athlete Sponsored by: Skydive Midwest, Sun Path Products, Performance Designs, Paraclete XP Indoor Skydiving, Cookie Helmets, Hypoxic, Xcel Skydiving. Achievements: 5x State Record Holder, 2x National Skydiving Champion 4-Way FS, 1x National Champion 4-Way…

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Keith George

Keith George Ready to Rock

Name: Keith George Total Jumps: 11,000+ Years in Skydiving: 20 Certifications: Tandem Instructor, AFF Instuctor, Videographer, S&TA, FAA Licensed Rigger, Commercial Pilot with Multi-Engine and Instrument Ratings, FAA Licensed Airframe & Powerplant Mechanic. Primary Dropzone Function: Dropzone Owner, Chief Pilot Achievements: State Record Holder Why we love Keith: After 20 years in the sport, Keith is STILL passionate…

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