Garet Bloodworth

Name: Garet Bloodworth Total Jumps: 2900+ Years in Skydiving: 8 Certifications: AFF Instuctor, Coach, Videographer, Pro-Rating, Tunnel Coach. Primary Dropzone Function: Freefly Load Organizer/Coach @Evolve Sponsored by: Skydive Midwest, UPT Vector, Vertical Suits, Cookie Helmets, Performance Designs, Alti-2, Tunnel Rats. Achievements: 5x World Record Holder, Dynamic & VFS Gold Medalist. Outside Skydiving: Garet enjoys flying and coaching in the wind tunnel, shooting guns and being outside.  

Matthew Congdon

Name: Matthew Gilbert Congdon Total Jumps: 900+ Years in Skydiving: 5 Certifications: 4-Way Coach, Belly Coach Primary Dropzone Function: Belly Load Organizer/Coach @Evolve, Sponsored Athlete Sponsored by: Skydive Midwest, Performance Designs, Sun Path Products, Vigil AAD, Cookie Helmets, Paraclete XP Indoor Skydiving, Hypoxic. Achievements: 2x National Champion 4-Way FS, State Record Holder Outside of Skydiving: Matt is a lineman. He enjoys climbing poles and playing with electricity.