We are Passionate about skydiving

  • Our Location

    Our location couldn’t be more convenient. Whether you live in Chicago, Milwaukee or any city in between- Not only is the drive a breeze but we also have the most incredible views you will ever see.

  • Safety

    Safety is our priority. We have an impeccable safety record when it comes to tandem skydiving! While skydiving by nature is inherently dangerous we take every precaution to minimize the risks involved. We hire experienced and talented instructors. We jump new and well-maintained equipment crafted by the most reputable manufacturers. Our pilots are experienced and our aircraft are well-maintained to all Federal Aviation Administration specifications We have industry leaders and specialists host training seminars annually for our instructors. We are members of the United States Parachute Association and we adhere to all safety regulations.

  • Our Staff

    Our Staff is incredible. We absolutely LOVE our staff and we know you will too! From the office personnel who help you book your skydive and answer your questions to the Instructor and Videographer who share your first skydive with you. We hire passionate, experienced and enthusiastic people to be part of the Skydive Midwest team and it makes all the difference in your experience.

  • Our Community

    Our Community is something special. Skydiving is about more than jumping out of airplanes and more than just a job. As skydivers, we choose to surround ourselves with people who truly enjoy life and believe in making the most of every single day. From our staff, to fun jumpers, to tandem students- skydiving tends to draw people who are passionate about life. If you spend enough time at our dropzone you’ll find folks who really enjoy one another’s company and feel bonded by the freedom of flight.

Meet our OWNERs

Keith George is an avid skydiver and commercial pilot. Keith started skydiving in 1997 and has logged over 15,000 jumps since then! He turned his passion for skydiving into a business in 2008 when he bought Skydive Midwest.  Keith is a Multi-Engine Rated Commercial Pilot, Tandem Instructor, Aerial Videographer, Accelerated Free Fall Instructor, Coach and an FAA Certified Rigger. Keith has worked extremely hard to build Skydive Midwest from a small drop zone that primarily conducted only tandem skydives to a major Midwest/Chicago area DZ. Keith enjoys free-flying with his wife and 2 sons and competing with his National Champion 4way VFS Team- SDMW Chemtrails.

Megan George partnered with Keith in Skydive Midwest in 2011. They met when Megan was learning to skydive in 2010. Megan is a Private Pilot, Accelerated Free Fall Instructor and Coach. She is also an avid competitor in 4way VFS, 4way FS and 8way FS. Megan is a sponsored athlete and holds several skydiving records as well as being a 2 time National Champion Skydiver who has competed and represented the United States in skydiving at the World Level. During the week, Megan works as Chief Financial Officer, Bookkeeper, Event Coordinator, HR Director and Marketing Manager for Skydive Midwest. On weekends Megan trains with SDMW NEXT and SDMW Shakedown and enjoys coaching and mentoring other teams and jumpers. 

Meet our Staff

Operations Manager

Travis has 11 years experience with over 5,600 Skydives. USPA certified Coach & Wingsuit Instructor Examiner. When not skydiving Travis enjoys playing disc golf, video games and eating good food. 

ADZM, S&TA, Student Program Director, Lead Rigger, Chief Instructor

Kazu has over 9000 skydives and 26 years in the sport. With that much experience it is only natural that he wears a lot of hats at Skydive Midwest. He is our resident Rating Examiner for Coach, Tandem and AFF instructors as well as the S&TA and Master Rigger. When he has the time outside of skydiving he loves bladesmithing, cooking, baking and eating sushi.

Chief Jump Pilot

Scott started skydiving back in 2011 and has accumulated over 4000 skydives since then. His love for being in the air shortly transitioned to flying airplanes. As the Chief Pilot at SDMW he spends most of his days in the cockpit but also serves as a Tandem and AFF Instructor whenever he gets an opportunity. When not at work he loves weight lifting, snowboarding and hanging with his girlfriend and their dog.

Manifest, Video Editor, Ground Crew, Packer

After earning his A License in the summer of 2020 and jumping 200 times in one season, he fell in love with the sport and can think of nothing better than spending the weekend at the drop zone. He is also a huge fan of live music, biking, Rubik’s Cubes, poker and a good jar of Nutella.

Tandem Instructor

Theresa has spent much of her life traveling the country and we are fortunate enough to have her join us at SDMW for the 2021 season. When not jumping she loves hiking, camping and traveling to experience all that nature has to offer.

Ground Crew

Originally from San Antonio, TX Jimmy completed his first skydive in the summer of 2019 and never looked back. When an opportunity to work at SDMW presented itself he jumped at the opportunity to start a career in the industry. We are excited to have him as part of the SDMW family and look forward to seeing his progression in the sport.


Tandem Instructor, AFF Instructor, Coach

Ben has an affinity for living his life in the fast lane, skydiving was a logical next step. Before joining the skydiving industry he spent a lot of his free time rock climbing, freediving and training MMA. Don’t let the MMA training fool you, he is a sweetheart.

AFF Instructor, Videographer and Tandem Instructor

Neil is a full time skydiver and extreme sports enthusiast. He has accumulated 10,000 jumps in the past 14 years along with two national gold medals for canopy piloting. When he is not skydiving he enjoys snowboarding, mountain biking and long walks on the beach. 

Tandem Videographer, Coach

Justin, a native of Wisconsin, started his skydiving journey 8 years ago and has accumulated over 1200 skydives since then. When he is not in the sky he can be found skiing and speedflying from mountain tops or traveling the country in search of the next great adventure.

A&P Aircraft Mechanic

Erik serves as the head Aircraft Mechanic here for Skydive Midwest. He prefers to stay on the ground maintaining the planes rather than jumping out of them, though he has three skydives. When is not wrenching things he loves spending time outdoors mountain biking, rock climbing, camping, snorkeling and playing around with his camera.

Manifest Manager

Originally from Colorado Rachel made her first skydive 6 years ago and immediately fell in love with being in the air. When she is not skydiving she enjoys playing with her cat and annoying her plants with random Star Wars facts while listening to “Jump” by Kriss Kross.

Tandem Instructor, Lead AFF Instructor, Tandem Videographer

Hailing from Anchorage Alaska, Scott is a full time skydiver spending the spring and summer at SDMW then traveling down south to warmer climates during the winter season. Since 2015 he has accumulated 2500 skydives and enjoys nothing more in life than jumping out of airplanes. When he can’t jump he likes clean living and listening to NPR.

Executive Assistant

A native of Wisconsin, Angie started skydiving 5 years ago and has over 300 skydives. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her dog, whether it be hiking, napping or curling up with a good book.

Tandem Instructor, AFF Instructor, Coach, Tandem Videographer, Wingsuit Coach

Originally from Twin Lakes Wisconsin, Keith is an avid adventurer and loves everything outdoors. When he is not jumping out of planes he likes water skiing, snow skiing, longboarding, BASE jumping, kiteboarding, wakesurfing, speedflying, rock climbing, mountain biking.... Well you get the idea.


Marissa is one of the wonderful ladies in the front office coordinating jump operations. She loves photography, gardening and spending her leisure time with her dogs Sampson and MayayLou. But don't be fooled by her leisurely pastimes she is also a seasoned jiu jitsu grappler!

Head packer/rigger

Zephaniah runs the packing mat at Skydive Midwest which leaves little time for skydiving though he jumps at the opportunity whenever he can. Ever since his first skydive he knew he wanted to spend more time in the air. Since earning his A License in 2018 he has made over 280 skydives and earned his Coach and Senior Parachute Rigger ratings. Besides skydiving he loves long treks in the woods with his dog, Alvin. 

Tandem Instructor

Kristin is as seasoned a cook as she is a skydiver. So much so that she decided to split her time between skydiving and her brand new food truck. If you find yourself hungry and don’t see her around the hanger or in the air step outside for some amazing food from The 14k Kitchen.

Tandem Instructor, AFF Instructor

When Ashley’s not skydiving, she likes rock climbing, skiing, speedflying, hiking, and cooking. She loves eating snacks more than life itself so feel free to bring her Fruit Roll-Ups and peanut butter. 

AFF Instructor, Tandem Videographer

Austin, the son of owner Keith George, grew up in the skydiving community so it is only natural that he lives and breathes skydiving. On top of working in the school teaching aspiring skydivers and filming first timers he loves performing maintenance and working on skydiving gear as a senior FAA certified rigger. When he is not throwing himself out of airplanes he enjoys working on his car, photography and snowboarding.

A&P Aircraft Mechanic

Ryan grew up around the drop zone counting down the days till he could share the skies with his father, owner Keith George. He spends most of his weekdays ensuring that the Skydive Midwest aircrafts are in tip top shape for jump operations as one of our resident FAA A&P Mechanics. When he is not working on our aircrafts he can be found in the sky filming SDMW teams Shakedown and Ballistix. 


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