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So, you want to jump with your own parachute? What kind of crazy person would want to do that?! Just kidding – actually, there are over 30,000 licensed skydivers in the United States alone! Here at Skydive Midwest we have trained hundreds of skydiving students as they earn their skydiving licenses!

We offer two distinct training methods to suit your needs, budget and timeline: Accelerated Tandem Progression (ATP) and Accelerated Free Fall (AFF). At the end of either of these programs (and 25 jumps) you will earn your United States Parachute Association (USPA) “A” license. A USPA License is recognized all over the world! The best part is, once you become licensed your skydiving experience becomes much more affordable. Licensed jumpers with their own equipment jump for as little as $30 per jump! Learn more about each training method below.


  • Affordable

    Choose pay-as-you-go pricing or take advantage of a 5-15% discount for payment in full!

  • Community and Friends

    Skydive Midwest is known for its welcoming community, enthusiastic instructors and awesome drop zone events. We look forward to welcoming you to our family!

  • Flexible

    We offer two training methods to suit your preferences, budget and timeline!

  • Thorough Instruction

    Experienced instructors, meticulously maintained equipment and thorough training procedures mean you will receive the best instruction possible.

Accelerated Tandem Progression (ATP)

The Accelerated Tandem Progression Program was developed by the USPA to transition tandem skydivers to licensed/solo skydivers. It allows the student to become acclimated to freefall under the supervision of a tandem instructor prior to going solo. You will receive ground instruction prior to your tandem jumps and will be required to complete a series of tasks during your tandem skydives in order to eventually progress to solo jumps. We suggest 10 minutes of coaching at an indoor wind tunnel for this program. This helps ensure more successful progression skydives and a higher pass-rate of each level. You will also receive under-canopy instruction on landing patterns and lading procedures while under the direct supervision of your instructor.

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accelerated free fall solo skydivers

Accelerated Free Fall (AFF)

Accelerated Free Fall is a training program developed by the USPA to allow a person to become a licensed skydiver in a structured but slightly more aggressive method. A tandem is not necessarily required prior to beginning the AFF program. However, we strongly recommend the ATP Program for most students. A high-level of aptitude must be demonstrated prior to approving a student for their first supervised solo. If approved, rather than doing a tandem, 2 AFF instructors will accompany you on your first solo skydive. They will give in-air instruction with learned hand signals during freefall. You will be wearing your own rig and jump unattached to an instructor, deploying and landing the canopy yourself! We suggest 10 minutes of coaching at an indoor wind tunnel for this program. This helps ensure more successful progression skydives and a higher pass-rate of each level.

Trouble deciding which program is right for you?

We highly recommend Accelerated Tandem Progression (ATP) over Accelerated Free Fall (AFF). ATP provides hands-on training under the direct supervision of a certified instructor who is attached to you for the first three skydives. They are there to assist if necessary in freefall and under canopy. In the AFF program you are jumping your own parachute system with an instructor(s) present and holding onto you during freefall but once your canopy opens you are on your own. Your instructor lands, then talks you down to the ground via one-way radio communication. ATP only requires one instructor throughout the program. AFF requires 2 instructors for the first three skydives, making ATP a more cost effective program.


  • Self-Paced Program
  • Pricing includes rental equipment
  • First 2 jumps include tandem skydives
  • Mandatory indoor skydiving tunnel training
  • Save up to 15% if you prepay


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