Staff Spotlight: Travis Mickle

We’re pretty proud of our team. Not just for the hard work they do but for the people they are. The community is one of the greatest things about skydiving and we want you to get to know some members of our family a little better. Join us in a blog series spotlighting some of our favorite staff members with a Q&A session.


What we Love about Travis Mickle AKA Taco Trav

We love Travis Mickle's chill vibes. He’s very go-with-the-flow and always keeps a cool head under pressure. We love his passion for tacos. This guy does a Venmo fundraiser on his birthday to get taco money. Travis is also one of the top wingsuiters and wingsuit coaches in the country. He has all the skills and is an excellent teacher in his area of expertise. He has been working in the skydiving industry for 22 years and has collected an insane amount of experience and knowledge in a variety of areas during that time.


Years in the sport: 13

# of Jumps: ~ 7000

Ratings: Coach, Accelerated Free Fall Instructor & Tandem Instructor, Wingsuit Coach, Wingsuit Examiner

Gear: Aerodyne container and PD canopies, Vigil AAD, Cookie helmets, Tony Suits wingsuits and L&B altimeters (sponsored by all them as well). 

Accomplishments: Gold at Nationals for Wingsuit Acro and Wingsuit Performance several times. Silver a bunch as well. Silver at Worlds like 6 times and one World win. I was once the fastest wingsuiter in the world. Even made it in the Guinness book of records for it.

Travis Mickle US Parachute Team

Q & A

Q: What is your preferred discipline/type of jump?

A: Any. I like all of skydiving. Even tummy stuff.

Q: How did you get into skydiving?

A: Highschool job.

Q: What keeps you in skydiving?

A: Credit cards.

Q: What are your goals in skydiving?

A: Suck less.

Q: What are your goals outside of skydiving?

 A: Eat all the food.

Q: What was/is your profession before/outside of skydiving?

A:  Parachute rigger in the army.

Q: What is a favorite skydiving memory?

A: First USPA Nationals for Wingsuiting and getting first place in both wingsuit events.

Q: Who has supported or mentored you on your skydiving journey?

A: Simon Repton and Tony Uragallo were huge mentors for me in wingsuiting. I’m even still sponsored by Tony Suits. Aaron Stocum made me want to fly my parachute faster. 

Q: Favorite food?

A: Tacos

Q: Favorite movie?

A: Hot Rod

Q: Favorite book?

A: Project Hail Mary

Q: Any hidden talents?

A: I am an expert at annoying my wife.

Travis Mickle Wingsuit