Skydive Midwest

Our Aircraft


We regularly fly N203SF. A DeHavilland DHC6-200 -34 Super Otter! This multi-engine beast will take 23 jumpers to 14,500ft in less than 18minutes! Looking for a big door for awesome exits, training 4-Way or just love Big-Ways; Sierra Fox is your girl! Straddle benches in front for tandems, floor space for fun jumpers and cargo space open for extra seating. Ride to altitude quickly and comfortably. Licensed jumpers, we have single-point seat belts for easy buckling. As well as straddle benches in the front, padded floor in the back and rear seating for 2 in the tail.


We also fly 821CB. A Cessna 182. This single-engine baby-bird is the perfect ride to altitude for our dedicated canopy pilots who want to make big turns over the pond or work on canopy performance. She also allows us to fly any day of the week, with no minimum bookings required.

Aircraft Maintenance

Much of our aircraft maintenance is performed on site, ensuring all mandatory inspections and maintenance is done immediately and on-time. We have several Air-frame & Power Plant Mechanics on staff. We abide by all FAA regulations when it comes to maintaining our jump ships. Our friends and family members are some of our best customers so safety is always priority number one!