Team Sponsorship

Helping you achieve your skydiving dreams is what we are all about!

SDMW offers support to teams committed to as few as 50 training jumps. Support in the form of a free video slot and/or discounted lift tickets are available to qualifying teams. Email to submit a team or athlete resume and to inquire about sponsorship and support. We are looking for passionate, driven, hardworking competitors in any discipline to represent our dropzone. Tell us your goals so we can help you achieve them!

Competition is our passion

Competition is deeply rooted in the SDMW culture. DZO, Megan George, competes in 4Way, 8Way, 16Way and 10Way in the Open (Professional) Division of Formation Skydiving as well as Advanced 4Way VFS. DZO, Keith George, competes in the Open Division of 4Way VFS. Their youngest son, Ryan George, competes in 2Way MFS and 4Way VFS. Their oldest son, Austin George, competes in Canopy Piloting. This DZ is passionate about growing competitive skydiving. 

SDMW operates the ideal jumpships for serious competitors. Our Super Otter with 4 bladed props is fast and quiet with a huge door for optimal 4Way exits. Teams are approved to premanifest and turn back-to-back loads to help them meet their training goals. We also have a beautiful Cessna 182 that can take athletes up for a hop n’ pop with minimal load requirements. You can train on our regulation size swoop pond any day of the week! We also provide a spacious debrief area and several tv’s for reviewing videos. We have 2 mockups, posters of the VFS, FS and MFS dive pools, creepers and plenty of creeping space for all of your prep needs. 

SDMW also guarantees minimum loads for weekday and weekend training to ensure teams will get all the jumps they need for a successful season. 

Formation Skydiving
 Vertical Formation Skydiving
Mixed Formation Skydiving
Canopy Piloting
Parachute swooping over the pond at Skydive Midwest

Proud home of some of the top teams in the country 

SDMW Team Sponsorship

SDMW NEXT has earned back-to-back gold medals in 4-Way Intermediate and 4-Way Advanced at the USPA Skydiving Nationals. They are currently ranked 5th in the United States in the Open Division.

SDMW Team Sponsorship

SDMW Chemtrails has earned both silver and gold medals in 4Way VFS Advanced at the USPA Skydiving Nationals. They are currently ranked 3rd in the United States in the Open Division.

Local Coaches are here to help you reach your competition goals

NEXT and Chemtrails offer top level coaching for ALL levels of 4Way competitors. Work with them to improve your individual flying skills or get coaching for your entire team! Contact/follow NEXT and Chemtrails via facebook for information on coaching, events, skills camps and records.  

SDMW NEXT Formation Skydiving

SDMW Chemtrails Vertical Formation Skydiving

Home to local and national competitions since 2013

SDMW has been a proud host of the Midwest Skydiving League’s regional 4-way FS competitions since 2013. We are also the host of the Midwest Canopy Piloting Association’s regional swoop league for competitive canopy pilots. We custom built our pond to USPA regulations to support the growth of CP as a discipline in the Midwest. We are also the only host dropzone for the Florida Canopy Piloting Association (FLCPA) in the Midwest area.  In 2022, SDMW will proudly host, for the first time ever, the USPA Canopy Piloting Nationals. It’s an honor and a privilege to be chosen to put on this event and we look forward to serving the athletes well. 


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