There are a lot of things you absolutely SHOULD DO on your first tandem skydive. Just as every coin has 2 sides, every DO has a DON’T. We can help you avoid some of the first-time skydiving pitfalls (pun intended) and get the most out of your jump! Here are the top 10 Dos and Don’ts for tandem skydiving.

DON'T just google, “tandem skydiving near me” or “Chicago skydiving” to choose where to do your first skydive. Similarly, don’t just google “cheap skydive” or decide based solely on the lowest price for a skydive.

DO your homework. When it comes to the price of a tandem skydive, you often get what you pay for. Some skydiving centers advertise a good price but you end up finding hidden fees and conditions. Check out Skydiving Insider Tips to avoid sales "scams".


-A skydiving center with experienced instructors, a good safety record, and membership with the USPA. 

-A skydiving center that drops from an altitude of 14,000ft at minimum.

-A skydiving center with aircraft large enough to accommodate your group.

-A skydiving center with multiple media packages for video and photographs.

-A skydiving center with incredible views! 

-A skydiving center with great facilities and amenities.

How Much Does Skydiving Cost

DON'T bring along anyone who isn’t there to support you, it’ll suck the fun out of it. As archaic as it is, Wisconsin is a “marital property” state. This means, if a spouse is present, they must sign your waiver and give their consent for you to skydive.

DO skydive with a group. Tandem skydiving is an experience that is better when shared. We offer Group Discounts for groups as small as 3-5. Bring along a cheering section, even if they don’t want to jump. Having friends and family there to support you boosts your confidence and makes the day more fun!

Group of people enjoying a day at skydive midwest

DON'T jump on an empty stomach. Having an adrenaline dump on an empty stomach can make you queasy.

DO eat something light and healthy. Having an adrenaline dump on an empty stomach can make you queasy. Bring a snack or grab a smoothie and a sandwich from our onsite cafe the 14K Kitchen.

Happy customer at the 14K Kitchen

DON'T look down. Especially if you purchased a video package.

DO look out at the horizon. This way your aerial videographer will get shots of your face, rather than the top of your head. If you look out, you can see Lake Michigan, Milwaukee, and the Chicago Skyline! We have unmatched views and we are the closest skydiving center to Chicago!

Don't Look Down on a Tandem Skydive

DON'T be shy or self-conscious. Our instructors love taking people on their first tandem skydive!

DO be inquisitive and enthusiastic. Ask your instructor if you can deploy the parachute or try flying it. Ask questions, chatter on nervously, confess you’re a little scared. Just be yourself and enjoy yourself!

Tandem Student activating the parachute deployment system

DON'T make an appointment if you're on a tight schedule. This is the real deal, outdoor skydiving. Winds, clouds, or rain can mean long delays. Plan to spend the day with us. If you're on a time crunch, you're signed up for the wrong activity. 

DO plan to spend the day with us. Bring some games or a book. Play a few games of volley ball on our sand court or grab a bite to eat at the 14K Kitchen. Check out some of our recommendations for activities in the Milwaukee or Chicago areas in case you end up with a raincheck because of weather.

Large Tandem Group

DON'T regret NOT getting video.

DO get video and photos of your jump! Our views are the absolute best when it comes to skydiving near Chicago or Milwaukee. If this is your first skydive experience, plan to take the memory home. Get a new profile pic and share the adventure with friends and family! It's like getting a wedding photographer, it's always worth the money. 

Play Video

DON'T show up hungover or intoxicated. We will refuse service to anyone who is suspected of consuming drugs or alcohol before skydiving.

DO plan to celebrate after. Enjoy 10% off at the 14K Kitchen and have yourself a celebratory adult cocktail or mocktail! 

14K Kitchen

DON'T feel obligated to tip your instructor just for keeping you alive. 

DO tip if you're still alive AND you've received exceptional service. Tipping is never expected, but always appreciated. 


DON'T underestimate yourself or let a fear of heights hold you back. You’ve got this! Thousands of people jump tandem with us each summer. If they can do it, so can you!

DO ask about our licensing program if you love your jump. To learn skydiving and become licensed is a lot more attainable than you think. Ask your instructor if you can deploy the parachute and try steering it. Use your first tandem as an opportunity to learn!

Skydiving student smiles while on a jump

DON'T forget to look at the DEALS in the logbook your instructor gives you.

DO purchase a 2nd tandem skydive for the best price available ($159 in 2023). Do get a discount for celebratory drinks and foods in the café. Do read about our licensing program and get a discount for signing up. Do reward your instructor with a free skydive by leaving them a review. Do get a discount on apparel in the gear store.


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