The view is only one of many reasons to go skydiving. But saying “the view” doesn’t really cover what you get to see on a tandem skydive. Because of our location, we are the only skydiving center with views of 2 major midwestern cities and metropolitan areas. As incredible as skydiving over Chicago and Milwaukee can be, that’s not all you get to experience when you jump at Skydive Midwest. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most spectacular things about seeing the world from 14,500 feet when you jump with us. 

Lake Michigan

Lake Michigan is one the five Great Lakes and it is the only one that isn’t shared with Canada. This is a distinction that makes it the largest lake in the world, located entirely within one country. Lake Michigan is so large it touches four states: Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan. Its size can’t be overstated. We’ve even had students (who are bad at geography) mistake it for an OCEAN. Lake Michigan is 307 miles long and 118 miles wide. So big, you can’t see the other side of it, even from 14,500ft. The beauty and scale of this gargantuan body of water can only be fully appreciated when viewed from above. 

Lake Michigan viewed from a skydive


While under canopy, if you allow your eyes to follow the shoreline of Lake Michigan to the North, you will easily spot Milwaukee. US Bank Center, Northwestern Mutual Tower, the Faison building, and more are all within view. It’s as close to skydiving in Milwaukee as you can get. It’s an incredibly unique perspective of the city skyline and the lakeshore.

Milwaukee Skyline


If you let your eyes move South along the shoreline, you’ll begin to see the skyline of Chicago rising in the distance. It’s not quite as close as Milwaukee, but on clear days you can see the city’s skyscrapers and metropolitan area. We have some of the best views of Chicago in the business. For more information on Chicagoland skydiving, check out: Skydiving in a city near you

Chicago Skyline

Cloud Formations

As skydivers, one of the visuals we get excited about are accumulations of water vapors also known as CLOUDS. During the more humid summer months, memorable days are spent flying parachutes adjacent to the incredible formations and patterns above. Puffy, cotton-like cumulus clouds. Thick, towering, anvils of cumulonimbus clouds. Altocumulus clouds appearing as rows of light and dark ripples. Stratocumulus clouds with gray and white honeycomb patterns. Not to mention the ever-changing array of colors saturating the clouds at sunset. Of course, too many clouds can be a bad thing, but a few well-placed clouds glowing with sunlight can be an absolutely breathtaking view while skydiving.

skydiving views of clouds and blue sky.


The skydiving views in summertime brings an expanse of deep greens and blues as far as the eye can see. It’s a stunning time of year to go skydiving. As fall approaches, the changing leaves are also a sight to behold. The standard green and blue palette expands to include crimson, yellow, orange, brown, gold and fading shades of green. Skydiving over Illinois and Wisconsin is a sight not to be missed in autumn. 

Skydiving views during the summer


An unencumbered view from a few miles up is hard to come by. Commercial flights are the only other way to take in so much, and that view is terribly limited by tiny windows. From under canopy, you can see EVERYTHING for miles and miles in every direction, with no limitations. It’s just you and the big, blue sky up there. It’s something only a select few people get to experience in their lifetime.

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