Have you ever wanted to participate in a WORLD RECORD? This is YOUR opportunity to be a part of SKYDIVING HISTORY!

World Skydiving Day Record

WHAT is World Skydiving Day?

A celebration of the sport of skydiving! The goal is to have the most skydives completed in a single day, WORLDWIDE. Every jump you do on July 13, 2024 counts toward the record! All jump types count: tandems, student jumps, hop n’ pops, fun jumps, high-pulls, etc.

WHEN is World Skydiving Day?

July 13th 2024 will be the FIRST, annual World Skydiving Day. The event will take place each year on the 2nd Saturday in July.

World Skydiving Day Record

WHO can participate in World Skydiving Day?

Anyone who can do a skydive on July 13th 2024 can join this historic record! This includes:

  • Licensed Skydivers
  • AFF Students
  • Tandem Skydivers – both instructors and students

*Tandem skydivers must be 18 or older and weigh less than 250lbs to participate at Skydive Midwest. For more information on who can make a tandem skydive click HERE.

World Skydiving Day Record

WHERE can you participate in World Skydiving Day?

If you’re looking for skydiving near Chicago or Milwaukee, Skydive Midwest is the closest skydiving location to join the record! Otherwise, you can find a full list of hundreds of participating Skydiving Centers worldwide.

HOW do you participate in World Skydiving Day?

  • Make a reservation to skydive on July 13, 2024
  • Complete a skydive
  • Submit proof of your skydive(s) via this link
  • Order a World Skydiving Day Certificate for $10 (optional)

For Tandem Jumpers, you can submit proof with one of the following:

  • A copy of your dated receipt
  • Logbook entry signed/dated by your instructor
  • Certificate signed/dated by your instructor

For Licensed Jumpers, you can submit proof with one of the following:

  • Logbook page showing jumps completed and signed/dated appropriately
  • Screengrab of Burble transaction page showing your jumps
  • Screengrab of an electronic logbook entry appropriately signed/dated

If you have a fabulous photo of your skydive, be sure to submit it when you submit your jump.

We welcome EVERYONE to join us to participate in this event. Let’s make skydiving history together!

To keep up with the historic event on facebook visit World Skydiving Day | Facebook

For more details and information visit Skydiving | world record (

World Skydiving Day Record


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