Can anyone get a skydiving license? Yes, as long as they are 18 or older, weigh less than 230lbs,  can pass the written test, and complete the skills required on the A License Proficiency Card. In this blog we will answer all your Skydiving License FAQs.

Read Who Becomes a Licensed Skydiver? for more detailed information on this topic.

What kind of freefall skills are required to get a skydiving license?

  • Demonstrate control and stability in freefall
  • Demonstrate stability within 5 seconds after exiting
  • Perform a front flip, back flip, and barrel roll- and regain stability after each maneuver
  • Perform stable turns in both directions, forward movement, and backward movement
  • Show the ability to adjust fallrate (falling faster and slower) with body position
  • Maintain altitude awareness and deploy the parachute at the correct altitude
Skydiving student smiles at the camera while in freefall

What canopy skills are required to get a skydiving license?

  • Demonstrate positive control of your canopy
  • Demonstrate the ability to land accurately (within 65 feet of a target) and clear of obstacles
  • Demonstrate a stand-up landing
  • Demonstrate the ability to fly a landing approach pattern consistently
  • Demonstrate specific maneuvers (done above 2500ft) using different flight controls
Skydiver Lands a parachute

What knowledge is required to pass the skydiving license written test?

  • Practical knowledge of equipment- including packing the parachute without assistance
  • Practical knowledge of emergency procedures- including parachute malfunctions, emergency parachute landing scenarios, and aircraft emergencies
  • General airport knowledge and spotting- learning where to exit the plane in relation to the drop zone

How long does it take to get a skydiving license?

Licensing programs are self-paced, so the time it takes to become licensed can vary greatly from student to student. The more you commit yourself to the endeavor, the faster you’ll become licensed. Some students achieve a license in as little as a week or 2! However, the average student completes their skydiving licensing program within about 2 months.

Skydiver celebrates after getting skydiving license

How difficult is it to become a certified skydiver?

The program and classwork are structured in a way that makes it relatively easy to learn. The challenge for most people comes from being able to perform under pressure and learning to fly the parachute. For more information on this topic read: How To Get Your Skydiving License

How much does it cost to get a skydiving license?

Each skydiving center sets their own price for licensing programs. The average cost for a skydiving license is between $3000-4000.

Is a skydiving license valid world-wide?

Yes, a USPA skydiving license is recognized at skydiving centers across the globe.

Where can you get a skydiving license?

There are over 200 USPA affiliated skydiving centers or “drop zones” in the US. 86 of them, including Skydive Midwest, are listed as Designated Training Centers with licensing programs. Skydive Midwest offers the closest skydiving licensing center to Chicago. To find the Designated Training Center nearest to you visit the USPA’s Dropzone Locator function.

Do I have to do a tandem skydive first?

At SDMW a tandem is not required but is recommended for most students. Read Do I have to do a Tandem Skydive first? for more information on this topic.

Tandem Skydiving Student Enjoying the Jump

What can you do with a skydiving license?

With a license you can skydive anywhere in the world. You can skydive with other people and participate in formation skydiving. You can learn to skydive in multiple orientations and participate or even compete in many different disciplines of skydiving. Read The Benefits of Getting Your Skydiving License for more on this topic.

A group of skydivers do an angle jump at skydive midwest

What’s the first step to getting your skydiving license?

The first step in the process is scheduling you ground school course.

How long does a skydiving ground school course take?

A skydiving ground school course generally takes 4-6 hours to complete. The duration of the course varies depending on the size of the class and the aptitude of the students in each class. If the weather is good, you can do your first jump in the program the same day as the class.

students practice emergency procedures during safety day at skydive midwest

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