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AFF Ground School & 1st Solo Skydive


Interested in becoming a licensed skydiver? This is the certificate for you! Purchase your AFF Ground School and 1st Solo Jump & save $10! Includes a 4-6 hour ground school. Instruction provided is based on the USPA Accelerated Free Fall Program. At the end of your course, once your aptitude for the information taught has been demonstrated, you will be cleared for your 1st “Solo” skydive. 2 USPA Rated Instructors will accompany you during freefall and provide in-air instruction. Once your canopy has been deployed your instructors will assist your landing via radio. Although a tandem skydive is not required, we do recommend at Tandem or Accelerated Tandem Progression skydive prior to your 1st solo. Must be 18 or older with valid ID and weigh less than 230lbs. No refunds. No Expiration.

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