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Addicted already? Is becoming licensed what your sights are now set on? look no further. We offer a prepay discount to students who pay for all 25 program jumps in advance! This price includes all rental equipment, parachute, goggles, jumpsuit, altimeter, training materials.  Jumps 1-7 include a FREE main parachute repack. Jumps 8-25 you must pay the packer cash!  The USPA A-License requires a minimum of 25 jumps.  AFF is a skills based assessment program. You must exhibit the skill to progress to the next level. You instructor will work with you as to what that skill is and how to accomplish it.  AFF is a self-paced program. The more you jump, the faster you will progress. Student skydivers must jump every 30 days to remain current.  If you have not jumped in the last 30 days, you will be required to do a refresher course, for $65.  All students are required to join the USPA; 3 month membership- $20 1 year membership- $65 Must be 18 or older with valid ID and weigh less than 230lbs. No Refunds. No Expiration.

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