Wondering how to dress for success on your first skydiving experience? We’ve got some great tips and information to help you make sure your jump is as comfortable as it can be. The most obvious factor is temperature but there are a couple other things to consider which you may not have thought of.



In hot weather, you can wear pretty much whatever you want. If you’re dressed comfortably for the ground, you should be pretty close to comfortable in the sky. Though it is generally a bit colder at altitude than it is on the ground.


It is super important to dress extra warm on cold days. As a rule of thumb, the temperature drops about 2 degrees Celsius for every 1000 feet of altitude. That makes almost a 40 degree (Fahrenheit) difference between ground temperature and temperature at altitude. This means if it’s 60 degrees on the ground it can be as cold as 20 degrees at altitude. Luckily, you’re not up there for very long, but it’s still much more enjoyable if you have an extra layer on. Gloves in the spring or fall are the best pro-tip we can offer. Your core will stay warm much longer than your extremities. 60 seconds of 120mph winds at 20 degrees can be a little painful on your fingers. Bring a pair of gloves or buy a pair in the office. If you want to be extra warm, bring some handwarmers for the ride to altitude. 

Dress for Success - Cold Weather skydiving


No matter what the weather is though, wear something you don’t mind getting a little dirty. White pants aren’t the best idea. With a “seated” landing you’ll end up with grass stains on your pants.

Shorts, skirts and dresses are not a good idea. Having your legs covered offers more protection when landing on the grass. Also, any skin that isn’t covered is going to ripple in the wind. If that’s not the kind of aesthetic you want in your video, it’s best to wear pants. We don’t judge, we want you to wear whatever makes you feel good. However, we want you to have the facts so you can decide what comfortable is for you.

Low cut tops, dresses or skirts can be a problem if you plan to show your video to grandma. Having a wardrobe malfunction is highly probable with 120mph winds.

Tandem Skydive over Lake Michigan

2. THE PROPER Foot Wear

Yes, you have to wear shoes

There’s always a possibility you might not land in soft grass, so protecting your feet is important. Plus, not everyone is into feet, so please keep them covered up. This means, no sandals, heels or flipflops. Any kind of shoe that could come off in freefall is not permitted. We don’t want to be dropping shoes all over the interstate. If you come in a shoe that can’t be secured, we have a used pair you can borrow. Tennis shoes or sneakers, something that laces up securely are the best options.

Tandem Skydive Lake Michigan Shoreline

3. Glasses Vs. Contacts


Either way, we’ll supply you with a pair of goggles to wear. There’s a possibility you could lose either one, but most people have no issues. We have over-the-glasses goggles that are a little bigger and will fit over most prescription glasses.

Skydiving with Glasses

4. Skydiving Hair Don't Care


Imagine sticking your head out of a car window while driving 120mph. That’s how much wind will be tearing through your hair. You will end up with snarls and knots that take a LONG time to brush out. The absolute best thing you can do is braid your hair. This offers the most secure protection from the wind. The next best thing is a ponytail or a bun. Some of your hair is still going to get tangled up but it’s better than nothing.

Tandem Skydive Student Smiles after landing

5. What Not to Wear/Bring

Phones, Keys, Wallets

Don’t wear anything that isn’t securely attached to you. No Hats, jewelry or scarves. Anything you bring with you is at risk of being lost. Make sure your pockets are emptied of keys, phones, wallets and cash. You can lock everything in your car and leave your keys with the office. Alternatively, our instructors will show you to a locker that you can use for your belongings while you jump. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items.


Can I bring my gopro? We hear this all the time. Unfortunately, the answer is no. USPA regulations state that no jumper with fewer than 200 jumps can wear/bring a camera on a skydive. Taking any object with you into freefall that could become a hazard to folks on the ground is a pretty big deal. It’s strictly forbidden to anyone without proper training/experience. Not to worry, we have plenty of experienced videographers/photographers who can come along and capture the experience for you. You can just enjoy the jump and let them worry about getting the shot. Read our blog on skydiving video and photos to get all the details.


I know, wearing a helmet SEEMS like a reasonable idea. Your instructor is wearing a helmet, so why aren’t you? Tandem students are actually prohibited from wearing a helmet and here’s why. Because of your close proximity to your instructor, if you throw your head back suddenly in joy or fear or excitement, you could hit them in the face with your giant, helmeted head. You could knock your instructor’s teeth out, or worse, knock them unconscious with a good uppercut to the chin. It’s just not worth the risk. Your instructor is wearing a helmet to protect himself from you. Your head becomes a larger, stronger weapon when wearing a helmet.

6. You're Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile

The Best thing you can wear on a skydive is a smile

Dress for success isn't just limited to the clothes you wear. There’s nothing like an ear-to-ear smile glowing in your video and photos. So, no matter what you do, don’t forget to smile. We can help you with the rest. Hopefully these tips will help you dress for success on your skydive this summer!

Skydiving age limit 18 years old.


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