2023 Wisconsin State HU Record


Wisconsin State Head Up Record Registration

July 7 – 9 2023



The goal is a 40+ way at SDMW! We’ll have a Skyvan Lead and an Otter trail. The current record in WI is a 16-way which we set back in 2021. After a successful 40+ way HU record, we’ll attempt a sequential HU record.

This is a 3-day event at SDMW, July 7-9th, 2023. This is an invite-only event, so in order to register you’ll need to receive an invite from one of the Chemtrail boys.
Application link: https://forms.gle/1MbbAUvZBmhQXKBg6
Registration Cost: $150
Jump Ticket Price: $42
After completing the application, a registration link will be sent to you. Once your registration payment is in, your slot is secured.