Skydive Midwest

Kazu Oyama

Name: Kazu Oyama

Total Jumps: 7000+

Years in Skydiving: 22

Certifications: Tandem Instructor, AFF Instuctor, Head of AFF Program, Coach, Videographer, IAD, S&TA, FAA Senior Rigger, Tandem Examiner, Coach Examiner, AFF Evaluator.

Primary Dropzone Functions: Head of AFF Program, Lead S&TA, Lead Rigger, Gear Store Manager, Canopy Coach @Evolve

Sponsored By: Xcel Skydiving, Alter Ego, Alti-2

Achievements: Kazu has almost every rating on the planet. He is also an incredible Photographer & Aerial Photographer (digital & film).

Outside of skydiving: Kazu enjoys cooking, gaming and photography.

Rachel Mugford

Name: Rachel Mugford

Total Jumps: 400+

Years in Skydiving: 3

Certifications: AFF Instructor, Coach.

Primary Dropzone Function: Office Manager, AFF Instructor

Achievements: State Record Holder, Competitor in 4-Way and 8-Way FS.

Outside of Skydiving: Rachel enjoys cleaning up all the things her doggy has destroyed in her apartment and drinking fireball with friends at the DZ. She also spending time with her family and traveling.

Naomi Kotzee

Name: Naomi Kotzee

Total Jumps: 7000+

Years in Skydiving: 20

Certifications: AFF Instuctor, Coach, Videographer, Tunnel Coach.

Primary Dropzone Function: Load Organizer/Coach @Evolve, Videographer

Achievements: 2x World Record Holder, 2x State Record Holder, Medalist in 4-Way FS, 2-Way FS, 2-Way Freefly, Classic, 4-Way VFS, Load Organzier for Summerfest, Vector Camp, Dubai Winterfest Boogie, Tonto Boogie, Jeffreys Bay Boogie.


Matthew Congdon

Name: Matthew Gilbert Congdon

Total Jumps: 900+

Years in Skydiving: 5

Certifications: 4-Way Coach, Belly Coach

Primary Dropzone Function: Belly Load Organizer/Coach @Evolve, Sponsored Athlete

Sponsored by: Skydive Midwest, Performance Designs, Sun Path Products, Vigil AAD, Cookie Helmets, Paraclete XP Indoor Skydiving, Hypoxic.

Achievements: 2x National Champion 4-Way FS, State Record Holder

Outside of Skydiving: Matt is a lineman. He enjoys climbing poles and playing with electricity.

Garet Bloodworth

Name: Garet Bloodworth

Total Jumps: 2900+

Years in Skydiving: 8

Certifications: AFF Instuctor, Coach, Videographer, Pro-Rating, Tunnel Coach.

Primary Dropzone Function: Freefly Load Organizer/Coach @Evolve

Sponsored by: Skydive Midwest, UPT Vector, Vertical Suits, Cookie Helmets, Performance Designs, Alti-2, Tunnel Rats.

Achievements: 5x World Record Holder, Dynamic & VFS Gold Medalist.

Outside Skydiving: Garet enjoys flying and coaching in the wind tunnel, shooting guns and being outside.