Kazu Oyama

Name: Kazu Oyama

Total Jumps: 7000+

Years in Skydiving: 22

Certifications: Tandem Instructor, AFF Instuctor, Head of AFF Program, Coach, Videographer, IAD, S&TA, FAA Senior Rigger, Tandem Examiner, Coach Examiner, AFF Evaluator.

Primary Dropzone Functions: Head of AFF Program, Lead S&TA, Lead Rigger, Gear Store Manager, Canopy Coach @Evolve

Sponsored By: Xcel Skydiving, Alter Ego, Alti-2

Achievements: Kazu has almost every rating on the planet. He is also an incredible Photographer & Aerial Photographer (digital & film).

Outside of skydiving: Kazu enjoys cooking, gaming and photography.


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