Skydive Midwest

Lift Tickets


Regular Fun Jumper Prices $24 Full Altitude $16 Hop n’ Pop
 Fun Jumper Deals $19 Thursdays & Free Gear Rental $15 First Friday of Each Month $15 First Load Saturday (Anyone on Load 1, prior to 9am gets $15 Jumps the rest of the day) $20 Jumps Memorial Day $20 Jumps July 4th
Fun Jumper Packages 50 for $1000 (That’s only $20/Jump!) 100 for $1900  (That’s only $19/Jump!)

*Discounted prices do not apply on jumps with Designated LOs/Coaches or Course Jumps.

*No Refunds, No Double Manifesting, No Transfers, SDMW aircraft only, discounts expires end of 2017 Season.

*A credit card fee applies to all credit card purchases.