The 2nd Fastest Man in America

Colin "Dark Horse" Conway

Until recently, many SDMW locals were unaware that fast-falling actually IS a competitive event. When hometown hero, Colin Conway, decided to compete in Speed Skydiving at the Skydiving National Championships, our community sat up and took a passing interest in this largely ignored discipline. In one of the biggest upsets of the year, Colin “Dark Horse” Conway, earned a 2nd place finish in an event he didn’t even train for.

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Skydiving Parachutes

Modern parachutes are an absolute marvel of engineering. Tandem skydiving parachutes are expertly designed with safety, consistency, and heavy workloads in mind. They take the slow and steady approach. On the far end of the spectrum, parachutes designed for competitive canopy piloting take things to a whole new level. These parachutes and their pilots can do an absolutely incredible number of unbelievable maneuvers at mind-blowing speeds.

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Staff Spotlight: Elliot Byrd

Elliot Byrd Skydive Midwest

Perhaps one of the most accomplished skydivers to call SDMW home is Mr. Elliot Byrd. You might know him from the absolutely incredible photos he takes as Byrd’s Eye Studio. For him, the end product of every project is more than just a memento for the memory book, it’s about capturing an experience in which people are genuinely having a good time and sharing that energy with the world.

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Dress for Success (Tandem Students)

Dress for Success

DRESS FOR SUCCESS (TANDEM STUDENTS) 6 TIPS TO MAKE FOR A BETTER SKYDIVE Wondering how to dress for success on your first skydiving experience? We’ve got some great tips and information to help you make sure your jump is as comfortable as it can be. The most obvious factor is temperature but there are a…

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