Skydiving: A Weather-Dependent Sport

It’s probably not surprising that skydiving is a weather-dependent sport. Some weather conditions can create increased risks when skydiving. In this blog we will discuss which weather conditions have an impact on your jump and why.

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Becoming a Tandem Skydiving Instructor

Tandem instructor gives two thumbs up during a skydive

They say, “Do something you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.” The sentiment is nice, but the reality is, if you really love something- you work hard for it. Professional skydiving instructors have done a lot to get where they are. Just because skydiving is fun doesn’t mean it isn’t also hard work. So, what does it take to become a tandem skydiving instructor? Read on to learn about the training, prerequisites, pros and cons to becoming a tandem instructor.

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Skydiving Tandem Equipment Explained

Tandem skydiver screams right after exiting the plane

If you’re thinking about doing a tandem skydive, you might have some questions about the gear that is going to be used during your jump. We pride ourselves on jumping equipment built by the most respected manufacturers in the industry. In this blog, learn all about the magic backpack that’s going to take you to the skies- as tandem skydiving equipment is explained.

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Do I have to do a Tandem Skydive first?

Skydiving student smiles at camera in free fall

Our most adventurous customers often want to know what it takes to jump out solo. If you’re a go-getter wanting to know how many jumps before you can skydive alone, if tandem skydives are required and how to get from tandem jumper to licensed skydiver going solo– read on.
Do I have to do a tandem skydive first? It depends. While the United State Parachute Association (USPA) does not require any tandem skydives prior to starting a solo licensing program, each skydiving center can set their own policies and requirements.

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What if my Parachute doesn’t open?

tandem skydiver surprised by parachute opening

This is one of the most frequently asked questions among tandem students. It is a reasonable thing to ask before throwing yourself out of an airplane. Here’s everything you may (or may not) want to know about what happens if your parachute doesn’t open or “malfunctions”.

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What is an Automatic Activation Device?

Skydiver with parachute opening

An AAD is a small microprocessor that monitors a jumper’s speed and altitude during a skydive. It does this by measuring changes in barometric pressure. If a jumper is still traveling at freefall speeds when they reach the minimum deployment altitude for safety, the device is designed to automatically deploy the reserve parachute. A small pyrotechnic charge triggers a cutter, which severs the closing loop that keeps the reserve parachute contained.

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Can you skydive during the winter?

We get a few phone calls each winter from adventurous customers interested in skydiving among the snowflakes. Some common questions we are asked are: Is it possible to jump during the winter? Can you skydive when it’s cold outside? Can you go skydiving when it’s snowing? Here are all the details on skydiving during the winter months.

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Give the Gift of Flight

Memories over things is the new mentality when it comes to gifts. People are tired of new sweaters, ties, candles and things they’ll never think of again after they’ve been opened. Buy something meaningful that will carry with it a fantastic, life-long memory. The experience is breathtaking and so is the view! Only Skydive Midwest can boast panoramic views of Chicago, Milwaukee, and Lake Michigan.

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The 2nd Fastest Man in America

Colin "Dark Horse" Conway

Until recently, many SDMW locals were unaware that fast-falling actually IS a competitive event. When hometown hero, Colin Conway, decided to compete in Speed Skydiving at the Skydiving National Championships, our community sat up and took a passing interest in this largely ignored discipline. In one of the biggest upsets of the year, Colin “Dark Horse” Conway, earned a 2nd place finish in an event he didn’t even train for.

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