SDMW Teams Going to the Skydiving World Cup

Skydive Midwest Chemtrails

Multiple Skydive Midwest jumpers have qualified for the 2023 World Air Sports Federation (FAI) Skydiving World Cup in Norway. Being offered a spot on the United States Parachute Team is an honor offered to very few athletes. Only 4 teams from each Formation Skydiving discipline are invited to attend this prestigious event. The World Cup is hosted every 2 years and will be taking place in Voss, Norway in August of 2023.

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Skydiving State Records

State Record Skydive

Over July 7th, 8th, and 9th, close to 80 skydivers from across the country gathered in Sturtevant, WI for an attempt to set multiple state skydiving records. There were 2 groups of jumpers being organized by Skydive Midwest’s resident teams; NEXT (Formation Skydiving Team) and Chemtrails (Vertical Formation Skydiving team).

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SDMW Ballistix MFS

SDMW Ballistix Mixed Formation Skydiving team

SDMW Ballistix MFS Team Spotlight Skydive Midwest is proud to sponsor SDMW Ballistix MFS Advanced team with a go-getter attitude. These kids are always out at the dz or in the tunnel working on their discipline with huge smiles on their faces. Corey Wilt and Denise Kruzikas Wilt are a husband-wife duo (flying inside) with…

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Competitive Skydiving

Competitive Skydiving SDMW is the proud home to many skydiving teams and athletes. Which might make the average person wonder, what is competitive skydiving? National and World Championship competitions for skydiving are held every year and include a multitude of different disciplines within skydiving. Formation Skydiving Formation skydiving is by far the most popular form…

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The World of Competition Skydiving

Competition Skydiving USA Women's 4 Way

The World of Competition (and how to get in) Most of us know, skydiving can take us places we never expected to go. It’s one of the best things about it. We travel across the country for events, boogies, records and coaching. In the competition skydiving world, that exploration can extend FAR beyond the United…

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