Chicago Skyline

Skydiving in a City Near You

March 20, 2023

If you type “tandem skydiving near me” in your google search, you’ll find quite a few results claiming to be the skydiving center nearest to you or nearest to a major city. In the Midwest, you’ll find Skydive Chicago, Skydive Milwaukee and Chicagoland Skydiving Center…but are any of them actually located where their names suggest? Buyer beware: you might find yourself disappointed if you choose your skydiving center based on name alone without doing some research.

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Skydiving Vs Indoor Skydiving

Megan George

April 19, 2017

Name: Megan George Total Jumps: 3000+ Years in Skydiving: 12 Certifications: AFF Instructor, Coach, 4-Way Coach Primary Dropzone Function: Drop Zone Owner, Sponsored Athlete Sponsored by: Skydive Midwest, Sun Path Products, Performance Designs, Paraclete XP Indoor Skydiving, Cookie Helmets, Hypoxic, Xcel Skydiving. Achievements: 5x State Record Holder, 2x National Skydiving Champion 4-Way FS, 1x National Champion 4-Way…

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Keith George Ready to Rock

Keith George

April 18, 2017

Name: Keith George Total Jumps: 11,000+ Years in Skydiving: 20 Certifications: Tandem Instructor, AFF Instuctor, Videographer, S&TA, FAA Licensed Rigger, Commercial Pilot with Multi-Engine and Instrument Ratings, FAA Licensed Airframe & Powerplant Mechanic. Primary Dropzone Function: Dropzone Owner, Chief Pilot Achievements: State Record Holder Why we love Keith: After 20 years in the sport, Keith is STILL passionate…

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