tandem skydiver surprised by parachute opening

What if my Parachute doesn’t open?

February 9, 2024

This is one of the most frequently asked questions among tandem students. It is a reasonable thing to ask before throwing yourself out of an airplane. Here’s everything you may (or may not) want to know about what happens if your parachute doesn’t open or “malfunctions”.

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Tandem Skydiver with a videographer

Safety in Skydiving: Minimizing Risks

September 4, 2023

“Is skydiving safe?” This is one of the most common questions about the sport. Although millions of successful skydives are conducted each year and the risks are relatively low, they are not zero. As with any extreme sport, there are inherent risks. However, there are a few things you can do to contribute to your own safety. Most of this information will be taught in your training class on the day of your skydive, but it doesn’t hurt to hear it more than once.

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Tandem Skydive

Skydiving Views: Location is Key

August 28, 2023

The view is only one of many reasons to go skydiving. But saying “the view” doesn’t really cover what you get to see on a tandem skydive. Because of our location, we are the only skydiving center with views of 2 major midwestern cities and metropolitan areas. As incredible as skydiving over Chicago and Milwaukee can be, that’s not all you get to experience when you jump at Skydive Midwest. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most spectacular things about seeing the world from 14,500 feet when you jump with us.

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Safety Regulations in Skydiving

August 21, 2023

Skydiving is a highly regulated activity and efforts to make the sport safer have grown exponentially since it began. There are currently 2 governing bodies which regulate most skydiving operations: The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the United States Parachute Association (USPA. Though risks cannot be eliminated completely, let’s dive into the efforts to make skydiving as safe as it can be.

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Tandem Skydiving Safety Report

August 14, 2023

Though it is not required, Skydive Midwest hosts annual retraining and evaluations for contracted tandem instructors. We invite a representative from United Parachute Technologies, manufacturer of the tandem skydiving equipment system, to audit our operation and provide supplemental education for instructors annually.

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Skydive Midwest Video Packages

Skydiving Video Package

August 8, 2023

At Skydive Midwest, we offer a lot of options when it comes to video and photos of your tandem skydive experience. We want you to make an informed decision when deciding which package is best for you. For most people, skydiving is a once in a lifetime experience and it’s worth documenting. Just like hiring a wedding photographer, it’s totally worth the investment. In this blog, we’ll give you a better understanding of each skydiving video package as well as the pros and cons so you won’t have any regrets at the end of the day.

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Skydive Midwest Chemtrails

SDMW Teams Going to the Skydiving World Cup

August 7, 2023

Multiple Skydive Midwest jumpers have qualified for the 2023 World Air Sports Federation (FAI) Skydiving World Cup in Norway. Being offered a spot on the United States Parachute Team is an honor offered to very few athletes. Only 4 teams from each Formation Skydiving discipline are invited to attend this prestigious event. The World Cup is hosted every 2 years and will be taking place in Voss, Norway in August of 2023.

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Tandem Skydiving Tips

July 31, 2023

There are a lot of things you absolutely SHOULD DO on your first tandem jump. We’ve compiled a list of our top 10 “dos” for your first skydive experience. Just as every coin has 2 sides, every DO has a DON’T. Let us help you avoid some of the first time skydive pitfalls (pun intended) and get the most out of your jump! Here are the top 10 dos and don’ts for tandem skydiving.

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Skydiving Parachutes

July 24, 2023

Modern parachutes are an absolute marvel of engineering. Tandem skydiving parachutes are expertly designed with safety, consistency, and heavy workloads in mind. They take the slow and steady approach. On the far end of the spectrum, parachutes designed for competitive canopy piloting take things to a whole new level. These parachutes and their pilots can do an absolutely incredible number of unbelievable maneuvers at mind-blowing speeds.

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State Record Skydive

Skydiving State Records

July 17, 2023

Over July 7th, 8th, and 9th, close to 80 skydivers from across the country gathered in Sturtevant, WI for an attempt to set multiple state skydiving records. There were 2 groups of jumpers being organized by Skydive Midwest’s resident teams; NEXT (Formation Skydiving Team) and Chemtrails (Vertical Formation Skydiving team).

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