Skydive Midwest

DZ Rules

Safety Culture

We believe our attitudes towards safety are the key to the continuation and survival of our amazing sport. It is up to us to be ambassadors and role models for new generations of skydivers, as such we take safety very seriously. We obey and enforce all BSR’s and FAR’s. We also require AADs.

We have written policies in place at Skydive Midwest and we want you to know them. Not only so you can follow them but so you can help educate and hold one another accountable in following those policies.

Landing Area & Pattern

Surrounding Area & Outs

Active Runways & Crossing

Safety Signs for Crosswalk From B Landing Area


Beer Lines for Fun Jumpers & Staff

Beer fines are a more fun way of enforcing our safety policies. If you do not wish to participate in the beer violation penalties you may choose to be grounded instead.