Night Jumps

When: June 9th B-Licensed (or higher) jumpers, come share the night sky with us! Safety briefing begins at 8:30pm. You must attend the safety briefing if you wish to jump, no exceptions. You must bring proper lighting (or be prepared to buy it from us). If you have never jumped at SDMW you must do a day jump prior to night jump.

Free 4-Way Camp Hosted by NEXT XP

When: June 3rd & 4th 2 Time National Champion 4-Way Team SDMW NEXT XP is hosting a FREE 4-way camp at Skydive Midwest. The team will provide 4-way coaching to ALL skill levels. New jumpers with 50+ jumps will be partnered with similar skill levels and members of NEXT to learn 4-way basics. More experienced fliers will be paired together to perform more advanced and challenging 4-way formations. Existing Intermediate and Advanced teams will be offered ground coaching and video debriefs at no charge! There is truly something for every level of belly-flier at this camp!

MWCPA Mock Meet

  When: June 3rd & 4th The MWCPA is hosting a MOCK Competition as an opportunity to train our volunteers/staff and get prepped for the real thing. Competitors, use this registration-FREE event as an opportunity for competition training. Volunteers, please contact Paul Isenmann. No experience necessary.

June $15 First Friday!

When: June 2nd First Friday of every month join us for $15 fun jumps all day! *Exclusions apply for jumps with LO’s, Coaches, Course Jumps and Specialty Aircraft.

UPT Tandem Rating Course

When: May 25th- May 28th Come and get your tandem rating with Kazu Oyama of Xcel Skydiving! You must have 500 jumps, current USPA coach rating and membership, and completed ALL prerequisites on the tandem instructor proficiency card. $400 in course fees , as well as slots and USPA rating fee. A $100 deposit is required to hold your spot in the course. Your deposit will go towards your course fees. We are looking forward to helping you get your first instructional rating! If you need further information or have any questions email Kazu!

Garet Bloodworth

Name: Garet Bloodworth Total Jumps: 2900+ Years in Skydiving: 8 Certifications: AFF Instuctor, Coach, Videographer, Pro-Rating, Tunnel Coach. Primary Dropzone Function: Freefly Load Organizer/Coach @Evolve Sponsored by: Skydive Midwest, UPT Vector, Vertical Suits, Cookie Helmets, Performance Designs, Alti-2, Tunnel Rats. Achievements: 5x World Record Holder, Dynamic & VFS Gold Medalist. Outside Skydiving: Garet enjoys flying and coaching in the wind tunnel, shooting guns and being outside.  

Matthew Congdon

Name: Matthew Gilbert Congdon Total Jumps: 900+ Years in Skydiving: 5 Certifications: 4-Way Coach, Belly Coach Primary Dropzone Function: Belly Load Organizer/Coach @Evolve, Sponsored Athlete Sponsored by: Skydive Midwest, Performance Designs, Sun Path Products, Vigil AAD, Cookie Helmets, Paraclete XP Indoor Skydiving, Hypoxic. Achievements: 2x National Champion 4-Way FS, State Record Holder Outside of Skydiving: Matt is a lineman. He enjoys climbing poles and playing with electricity.

Naomi Kotzee

Name: Naomi Kotzee Total Jumps: 7000+ Years in Skydiving: 20 Certifications: AFF Instuctor, Coach, Videographer, Tunnel Coach. Primary Dropzone Function: Load Organizer/Coach @Evolve, Videographer Achievements: 2x World Record Holder, 2x State Record Holder, Medalist in 4-Way FS, 2-Way FS, 2-Way Freefly, Classic, 4-Way VFS, Load Organzier for Summerfest, Vector Camp, Dubai Winterfest Boogie, Tonto Boogie, Jeffreys Bay Boogie.  

Rachel Mugford

Name: Rachel Mugford Total Jumps: 400+ Years in Skydiving: 3 Certifications: AFF Instructor, Coach. Primary Dropzone Function: Office Manager, AFF Instructor Achievements: State Record Holder, Competitor in 4-Way and 8-Way FS. Outside of Skydiving: Rachel enjoys cleaning up all the things her doggy has destroyed in her apartment and drinking fireball with friends at the DZ. She also spending time with her family and traveling.

Kazu Oyama

Name: Kazu Oyama Total Jumps: 7000+ Years in Skydiving: 22 Certifications: Tandem Instructor, AFF Instuctor, Head of AFF Program, Coach, Videographer, IAD, S&TA, FAA Senior Rigger, Tandem Examiner, Coach Examiner, AFF Evaluator. Primary Dropzone Functions: Head of AFF Program, Lead S&TA, Lead Rigger, Gear Store Manager, Canopy Coach @Evolve Sponsored By: Xcel Skydiving, Alter Ego, Alti-2 Achievements: Kazu has almost every rating on the planet. He is also an incredible Photographer & Aerial Photographer (digital & film). Outside of skydiving: Kazu enjoys cooking, gaming and photography.

Megan George

Name: Megan George Total Jumps: 1200+ Years in Skydiving: 6 Certifications: AFF Instuctor, Coach, 4-Way Coach Primary Dropzone Function: Drop Zone Owner, Sponsored Athlete Sponsored by: Skydive Midwest, Sun Path Products, Performance Designs, Paraclete XP Indoor Skydiving, Cookie Helmets, Hypoxic, Xcel Skydiving. Achievements: 3x State Record Holder, 2x National Skydiving Champion 4-Way FS Why we love Megan: Megan does pretty much every un-fun job the dropzone has to offer and still makes time to jump her butt off every weekend. She’s a committed team member of SDMW NEXT XP and is passionate about 4-way. She also enjoys planning events and activities for Skydive Midwest’s Staff and Fun Jumpers. Outside of Skydiving: Megan enjoys traveling and scuba diving with her husband and step-children. She can often be found hiking with her dogs, painting, gardening, cooking and listening to music when not plummeting towards the earth at 120mph.

Keith George

Name: Keith George Total Jumps: 11,000+ Years in Skydiving: 20 Certifications: Tandem Instructor, AFF Instuctor, Videographer, S&TA, FAA Licensed Rigger, Commercial Pilot with Multi-Engine and Instrument Ratings, FAA Licensed Airframe & Powerplant Mechanic. Primary Dropzone Function: Dropzone Owner, Chief Pilot Achievements: State Record Holder Why we love Keith: After 20 years in the sport, Keith is STILL passionate about skydiving. He is always up in the air with friends, family, customers and fun jumpers having fun! He is quite obviously a person who belives in working hard and playing hard. He LOVES his team and fun jumpers and isn’t afraid to invest in the things that make them happy. Outside of Skydiving: Keith enjoys spending time with his family and energetic puppy dogs. He enjoys traveling, scuba diving, riding dirt bikes, rebuilding cars and anything else that involves getting dirty or making a huge mess.

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